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  Black and White Deutsch Kurzhaars For Sale...

  Bernice & Clara are For Sale. Please contact us for details.
  Both dogs will make wonderful hunting & family companions.



Vom Erntemond Kennel is a company passionate about dogs that is located at Central Lowa, U.S.A. We deal with breeding and training of dogs for all your needs. Our breeding system is dedicated to the philosophy, standards and requirements of the German breeding system. This breeding system is outlined by Jadgebrauchshund Verband and the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband.

Why are we having all these breeding requirements? Well, this begins at birth each Litter of puppy is well examined by Breed Warden shortly after birth. This is to determine any congenital defects after which they are given an official tattoo at their right ear indicating their registration number.

You may want to know what our dogs do. Our dogs are well trained to hunt a variety of waterfowl and upland games. Furthermore, our dogs are used to recover those deer that are wounded by other games. The reason we emphasize hunting is that we are both in the hunting game and our breeds result from German selection that aims at promoting the Deutsch Kurzhaar as a versatile hunting dog.

We have lovely puppies which have an aspect of lovely companionship. When they are not hunting, you are assured of a great partner for your everyday activities. Therefore, you do not have to worry about having a company. As a Vom Erntemond Kennel company, we encourage to keep puppies close to your family so that there is a tight social bond. This helps hunters with their puppies to strengthen their hunting companionship. We are one of the best company. Our dogs are produced in such a way that there is a combination of versatility, companionability, intelligence and biddability. We ensure that every dog passes Hip Dysplasia assessments, performance evaluations and confirmation evaluations. It is very important o find the right dog though each person has got their preferences, situation and style. Therefore, as Vom Erntemond Kennel, we promise to provide with you a variety of dog breeds, which are trained by highly experienced professionals.

We have different types of breeds in varying personality, size and body shape. On average, it is scientifically proven that dogs live for a round 12years, but our dogs are well taken care of thus they live a bit longer. When it comes to the needs of the dogs, they are very different hence making it a challenge. It is very clear that there is no perfect way to care for the needs of dogs. But our company has tried to take reasonable steps to ensure that we meet all the needs of our dogs. We have the benefit of cooperation with extremeringdogs.com, so that we are able to also offer kinds of dogg products to our customers with discount price.

Our dogs are the best when it comes to play blow’. They can crouch on their limbs while remain standing on their hint limbs, at the same time bark or wag their tails. We have trained our dog's different ways of communication, this is because we train them to produce different sounds, mostly in complex combinations such as howls, whines, barks, growls and whimpers. That shows how highly our profile in terms of dog training is. Our dogs perform well in various shows. This has boosted our company to a level of producing show champions. This sounds nice to you, we are a trustworthy company. We always want the best for our company and for you. We are the number of American Kennel Club. In our company, there is Kim, who is a horse enthusiast. She attended the University of Lowa state-a veterinary medical school but had slated to graduate in 2007.She now works in a mixed animal practice. Shelby helps in socializing with new puppies that means she love puppies and also loves horses. There is also Toby; he loves hunting and dog training. Therefore, you are assured of getting a lot of information about our dogs just by visiting our website.

So where do you find these versatile breeds? You must make a good start by entering our site through various means. For example, you can Google us (Vom Erntemond Kennel).Though Some of the Google features sometimes may bring a different translation in other languages that are hard to understand the best thing to do is to click this link and you will easily find us waiting for you so that you can learn more About Us.

We are currently selling White Deutsch Kurzhaars and Black ones. You are free to contact us through our address. Dr. Jim and Kim Smith 2043 B Ave. Perry, Lowa 50220 USA (465-7981).



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